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Welfare policy

1 Feb 2024

“Leaders rarely talked to children”

“Decision-makers were poorly prepared to hear and involve youth during the pandemic.” That is what the majority of the 120 youth partic [...]

Welfare policy

29 Jan 2024

Don’t cherry-pick a youth “alibi”!

Don’t just use youth to put a stamp of approval on decisions they weren’t part of! That is one of the five principles that The Norwegian [...]

Welfare policy

6 Dec 2023

120 youth signed action plan for the future at summit in Iceland

Environment, education, and youth participation. Those were some of the most intensely debated topics when 120 young persons from the Nordic [...]

Disability issues

27 Oct 2023

Nordic youth disability organisations ready to co-operate in a more active way

Young people with disabilities have many similar challenges in the Nordic region. There is also a strong will to co-operate towards more acc [...]

Welfare policy

26 Oct 2023

Listen to Nordic youth, talk about their right to be heard in crises

Listen to Ester, Majli, Nameh, Olle and eleven more youth from the Nordics. In our new publication they talk about their experiences during [...]

Disability issues

23 Oct 2023

Creating inclusive student councils with power – learning from the pandemic

How can student councils be more influential during crises? And how can we make sure that they will be inclusive? Those were questions discu [...]

Welfare policy

25 Sep 2023

 “The voice of youth can make a change”

In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic and the current war in Ukraine, it's clear that decisions impacting children and youth were made w [...]

Disability issues

19 Sep 2023

Accessibility, housing and jobs are common challenges for youth with disabilities in the Nordic region

The first Nordic Youth Disability Summit will be arranged this autumn. The summit gives youth disability organisations from the Nordic count [...]

Welfare policy

8 Jun 2023

Young people were deprived of essential parts of their youth  

“Young people have missed many important transition rites such as graduations, dances, or other celebrations such as festivals and concert [...]

Welfare policy

22 May 2023

New report shows restricted childhood and interrupted youth due to covid

Higher levels of anxiety and boredom and decreased well-being among children and young people during the pandemic. But also, positive result [...]

Welfare policy

3 Apr 2023

“If you don’t do it well before a crisis, then you don’t stand a chance”

"By demonstrating examples, we can inspire change." That was the conclusion from one of the participants when the report Child and youth par [...]

Welfare policy

21 Mar 2023

Checklist to ensure child and youth participation during crisis 

Every young person is entitled to be heard and involved in matters that concern them. But how can decision makers safeguard meaningful child [...]

Welfare policy

16 Mar 2023

Här är ungdomarna som blev mer ensamma när pandemin tog slut

Vissa barn och unga fick äntligen de anpassningar de behöver – tack vare covid-19-pandemin. Men de fördelar som uppstod i och med den p [...]

Welfare policy

9 Mar 2023

New report about children’s participation and influence during Covid-19

Institutions working for and with children and youth in the Nordic region were not prepared to protect children’s rights when the Covid-19 [...]

Welfare policy

31 Oct 2022

“Every decision that the government makes affects us!”

”Give. Youth. Real. Power! Give youth real power!” “Every decision that the government makes affects us. Young people need to be info [...]

Welfare policy

22 Jun 2022

Spreading the Nordic agenda on involving children and youth

Around 150 people, public authorities, professionals, and care providers from all over Europe signed up for our event in Hamburg in the begi [...]

Welfare policy

16 Jun 2022

Young people prepare decision-makers to involve them in crises  

During the covid-19 pandemic, Nordic authorities focused on establishing effective ways to stop the spread of the infection. Consequently, s [...]

Welfare policy

7 Jun 2022

Many ways to hear and involve young people in Finland

In Finland, government agencies and organisations are working in many ways to hear and involve young people in decisions. The expert group i [...]

26 Apr 2022

Nordic Day 2022: Children and youth in the shadow of the pandemic

The Nordic countries have strong traditions of promoting the well-being of children by emphasizing the right to inclusion and participation [...]

Welfare policy

1 Apr 2022

Många unga upplever ett utanförskap

Unga i Norden är engagerade i samhällsfrågor men har ett litet förtroende för demokratiska institutioner och många upplever ett utanf [...]

Welfare policy

15 Oct 2021

Ungdomar från Norden i expertgrupp om coronakrisens konsekvenser

Under covid-19-pandemin drabbades barn och unga i Norden av restriktioner som infördes och som påverkade både deras skolgång, fritid, so [...]

Disability issues

4 Feb 2021

New report: Unequal opportunities to participate for children and young people with disabilities

Nordic studies reveal that children and young people with disabilities do not have the same opportunities as their peers. They describe an e [...]

Disability issues

20 Jan 2021

Unga med funktionsnedsättning vill ha eget nordiskt utbyte

Under 2020 har Rådet för nordiskt samarbete om funktionshinder inkluderat representanter från ungdomsorganisationer på dess möten och a [...]


2 Dec 2020

Young refugees in Nordic countries – health, education and employment in an equity perspective

Unique register data across the Nordic countries will be presented at our online conference about how health, education and employment joint [...]


1 Apr 2020

Many gaps in research about mental health among unaccompanied minors

An increasing proportion of unaccompanied minors arriving in the Nordic countries are girls and younger in age. These two groups have been t [...]


19 Feb 2020

Evaluating promising methods when there is a lack of evidence

There is a broad consensus that in the case of children and young people, early intervention pays off primarily as benefits to the individua [...]

Disability issues

24 Jan 2020

Hon kämpar för större inflytande för grönländska unga med funktionsnedsättning

- På Grönland är unga med funktionsnedsättning trötta på att människor tycker synd om dem. De vill vara starka och självständiga. [...]

Disability issues

22 Jan 2020

Better decisions when young people with disabilities are involved

Organisations for young people with disabilities must be invited to forums where decisions are being made, they must be invited at an early [...]

Public health

14 Nov 2019

Isländska och finländska unga känner mest press av skolarbete i Norden

Unga i Finland och på Island upplever mest stress på grund av skolarbete jämfört med unga i alla nordiska länder. Skolstressen är mer [...]

Public health

12 Nov 2019

Sömnsvårigheter ökar bland unga i Norden – Norge undantaget

Ungefär var femte ungdom har sömnsvårigheter i Finland, Danmark, Sverige och Island - och andelen unga med sömnproblem ser ut att öka. [...]

Public health

4 Jun 2019

Mångfald och digitalisering på de politiska arenorna i sommar

Nordens välfärdcenter lyfter fram frågor om mångfald, digitalisering och ett stärkt nordiskt samarbete inom socialområdet på de nordi [...]

Welfare policy

24 May 2019

Ensamhet drabbar unga lika mycket som äldre

Känslan av ensamhet är vanligast bland unga vuxna och hos de allra äldsta i samhället. Men även om ålder förklarar varför kvinnor ä [...]

Public health

7 May 2019

“Traditional education promotes equality”

In the Nordic countries, health is linked to educational attainment to a higher extent than to income. Studies have now shown that the progr [...]

Public health

4 Apr 2019

Increasing Ill Health Among Young Men

Social health inequity has increased over recent decades. This development has particularly affected young men in the form of increased leve [...]

Public health

7 Mar 2019

Debate article: Alcohol consumption among young people in the Nordic countries is falling – the differences need to be examined

In all Nordic countries, minors are drinking less than before. Key reasons for this may be parents keeping a closer eye on their children an [...]

Public health

4 Mar 2019

Schools can boost positive health among students

Positive health can be boosted among school students. In many parts of the Nordic region schools are implementing health promotion measures [...]

Public health

27 Sep 2018

Unga har övergett festplatser utomhus – hemmafester allt vanligare

Birgitta Anders doktorsavhandling visar att unga i högre grad än tidigare dricker sig berusade i hemförhållanden, och att platsen och ru [...]

Public health

22 Aug 2018

Alternativa stödverksamheter vill få unga att må bättre

Den självupplevda psykiska ohälsan ökar i Norden, men endast ett fåtal av ungdomarna mår tillräckligt dåligt för att kvala in för a [...]

Welfare policy

6 Jun 2018

Nordens välfärdscenter på sommarens politiska arenor

Integration, ungas psykiska ohälsa och åldersvänliga städer är några av temana då Nordens välfärdscenter deltar på sommarens polit [...]


4 Jun 2018

Nordic Day 2018: Exempel på lyckad inkludering

De nordiska länderna tog tillsammans emot cirka 200 000 asylsökande barn och unga under åren 2011 till 2016. De flesta kom med sin familj [...]

Welfare policy

5 Feb 2018

Utvecklar bättre metoder för tidig hjälp åt unga

På många håll i Norden finns det bra verksamheter för utsatta barn och unga. Men det räcker inte. De nordiska länderna behöver anstr [...]

Welfare policy

7 Sep 2017

Fokus på ungas utanförskap

En väsentlig andel av ungdomarna i Norden riskerar ett långvarigt utanförskap från utbildning och arbetsliv. Forskningsbaserad kunskap v [...]

Public health

23 Nov 2016

Folkhälsoarena vill minska hälsoskillnaderna bland nordborna

Psykisk hälsa, cannabis, tobak och förändrade dryckesvanor är teman som lyftes fram då en ny nordisk folkhälsoarena höll sitt första [...]

Welfare policy

10 Apr 2015

Skolan en viktig framgångsfaktor för fosterbarn

I rapporten "Barn kan inte vänta" har Nordens välfärdscenter sammanställt resultat från forskning kring barn i fosterhem med inriktning [...]

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