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Welfare policy | News

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Welfare policy

27 Sep 2023

Living standards in the wake of inflation: How the Nordic welfare state responds

In 2022, Europe was battered by crises. As the recovery from the pandemic and the full-scale Ukraine war triggered surging energy costs and [...]

Welfare policy

25 Sep 2023

 “The voice of youth can make a change”

In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic and the current war in Ukraine, it's clear that decisions impacting children and youth were made w [...]

Welfare policy

7 Sep 2023

The Nordic welfare model: Strong public foundations for a productive private sector

The Nordic welfare state is an economic asset, not a liability, contrary to common misconceptions. Professor Anton Hemerijck emphasises its [...]

Welfare policy

15 Aug 2023

Confronting global challenges: Can the Nordic welfare state hold its ground?

In a time defined by escalating global threats such as inequality, conflicts and climate change, the focus of the Nordic Welfare Forum 2023, [...]

Welfare policy

20 Jun 2023

Dagverksamhet bra prevention för människor med tidig alzheimerdiagnos

Han beslutade sig för att acceptera sin alzheimerdiagnos och inte gråta över det han inte kunde påverka. På den isländska öppna dagve [...]

Welfare policy

8 Jun 2023

Young people were deprived of essential parts of their youth  

“Young people have missed many important transition rites such as graduations, dances, or other celebrations such as festivals and concert [...]

Welfare policy

22 May 2023

New report shows restricted childhood and interrupted youth due to covid

Higher levels of anxiety and boredom and decreased well-being among children and young people during the pandemic. But also, positive result [...]

Welfare policy

17 Apr 2023

Förmåga att tänka nya lösningar krävs för att kunna möta välfärdsutmaningarna

I hela Norden ökar efterfrågan på välfärdstjänster för den snabbt växande äldre befolkningen. Samtidigt saknar många kommuner komp [...]

Welfare policy

3 Apr 2023

“If you don’t do it well before a crisis, then you don’t stand a chance”

"By demonstrating examples, we can inspire change." That was the conclusion from one of the participants when the report Child and youth par [...]

Welfare policy

3 Apr 2023

Join the discussion about the Nordic welfare model and its challenges

The Nordic Welfare Forum 2023 takes place on 2 June in Reykjavik, Iceland and via live stream. The aim is to evaluate and discuss the Nordic [...]

Welfare policy

28 Mar 2023

Aggressionshändelser vanligt på boende

I dag finns en ökad förståelse för att aggression hos personer med demens inte nödvändigtvis är ett symtom på sjukdomen. Det kan var [...]

Welfare policy

21 Mar 2023

Checklist to ensure child and youth participation during crisis 

Every young person is entitled to be heard and involved in matters that concern them. But how can decision makers safeguard meaningful child [...]

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