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Public health

14 Jun 2019

Health inequalities increase in the Nordic countries despite well-functioning cooperation between ministries

Differences in health between social groups have increased in the Nordic countries during the last decades. Therefore, the governments have [...]


4 Jun 2019

Mångfald och digitalisering på de politiska arenorna i sommar

Nordens välfärdcenter lyfter fram frågor om mångfald, digitalisering och ett stärkt nordiskt samarbete inom socialområdet på de nordi [...]

Public health

10 May 2019

Indicators for health inequality in the Nordic countries

Social inequalities in health in the Nordic countries persist and may even be growing. Our new report identifies a list of indicators that c [...]

Public health

7 May 2019

“Traditional education promotes equality”

In the Nordic countries, health is linked to educational attainment to a higher extent than to income. Studies have now shown that the progr [...]

Public health

15 Apr 2019

New report describes cannabis policy and legislation in the Nordic countries

How is cannabis use controlled in the legal systems in the Nordic countries? How do the Nordic legal systems see cannabis as a drug, and how [...]

Public health

4 Apr 2019

Increasing Ill Health Among Young Men

Social health inequity has increased over recent decades. This development has particularly affected young men in the form of increased leve [...]

Public health

21 Mar 2019

How Equal is the Nordic Happiness?

People in the Nordics generally live a good life. Despite this, many experience loneliness, stress, depression and a sense of futility. Mich [...]

Public health

7 Mar 2019

Debate article: Alcohol consumption among young people in the Nordic countries is falling – the differences need to be examined

In all Nordic countries, minors are drinking less than before. Key reasons for this may be parents keeping a closer eye on their children an [...]

Public health

4 Mar 2019

Schools can boost positive health among students

Positive health can be boosted among school students. In many parts of the Nordic region schools are implementing health promotion measures [...]

Public health

28 Feb 2019

Increased demand for treatment of cannabis-related problems in the Nordics

After alcohol, cannabis is the second most common intoxicant in the Nordics. During the last two decades, demand for cannabis use related tr [...]

Public health

28 Jan 2019

Flavour additives a leading cause of young people starting to use e-cigarettes

Flavour additives in tobacco, e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco are appealing to young people and non-established smokers. Flavour additive [...]

Public health

24 Jan 2019

Socialstyrelsen utreder behov av kunskapsstöd gällande äldre och alkoholmissbruk

Socialstyrelsen i Sverige inleder en förstudie för att identifiera vilket behov av kunskapsstöd det finns gällande äldre personer med r [...]

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