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Disability issues | News

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Disability issues

19 Sep 2023

Accessibility, housing and jobs are common challenges for youth with disabilities in the Nordic region

The first Nordic Youth Disability Summit will be arranged this autumn. The summit gives youth disability organisations from the Nordic count [...]

Disability issues

9 Aug 2023

Making Iceland more accessible one ramp at a time

Hundreds of new ramps are making shops, offices, and other establishments in Iceland more accessible. An innovative partnership for increasi [...]

Disability issues

22 Jun 2023

Involving users is the key to better digital services for persons with disabilities

Successful co-creation of new digital services for persons with disabilities is possible, but including the users from the start of the proc [...]

Disability issues

30 May 2023

Co-creating better digital solutions for people with disabilities

The Nordic countries are determined to find solutions for full and effective participation in society for persons with disabilities, and use [...]

Disability issues

24 May 2023

Nytt material hjälper migranter med funktionsnedsättning i Sverige

Personer med funktionsnedsättning är extra utsatta när samhället skakas om och drabbas av en kris eller ett krig. Det har Rådet för no [...]


8 May 2023

Parents crucial when children with deafblindness develop language

"Every time I went to a course aimed at professionals working with deafblindness I thought 'But this is what parents need to learn!'", says [...]

Disability issues

15 Feb 2023

Konstnärer med funktionsnedsättning kan förnya konsten

Konst och kultur ska inte bara vara tillgängligt för alla att uppleva – utan också att skapa. ”Konstnärer med funktionsnedsättning [...]

Public health

7 Feb 2023

Remote therapy a solution during Covid-19 for people with deafblindness

Even in normal situations, people with deafblindness constitute a vulnerable group that experience a lot of isolation – and the pandemic h [...]


1 Feb 2023

Tactile transition – experiences shared by persons with acquired deafblindness

What is it like being diagnosed with a combined seeing and hearing impairment and gradually losing one or both of those senses? Is it just a [...]

Disability issues

16 Dec 2022

Nytt program för funktionshindersfrågor godkänt

Ökat fokus på unga, åtgärder för en tillgängligare arbetsmarknad och erfarenhetsutbyte kring många praktiska frågor finns med i det [...]

Disability issues

1 Dec 2022

Funktionshindersfrågor måste beaktas vid kriser

Rådet för nordiskt samarbete om funktionshinder vill att de nordiska myndigheterna tar större hänsyn till personer med funktionsnedsätt [...]

Disability issues

11 Nov 2022

Both tourists and the tourism industry benefit from accessible services

Tourism services that are inclusive and sustainable can be enjoyed by more people, generate income and be beneficial for local communities. [...]

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