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Welfare policy

25 Aug 2022

Nordiska indikatorer ska stödja ett aktivt och hälsosamt åldrande

Aktivt och hälsosamt åldrande är ett tema som är aktuellt, inte bara i Norden utan också i Europa och globalt. Nordens välfärdscenter [...]

Disability issues

30 Jun 2022

Climate change hits indigenous persons with disabilities harder

A minority within the minority. This makes indigenous persons with disabilities especially vulnerable when it comes to climate change. That [...]

Welfare policy

22 Jun 2022

Spreading the Nordic agenda on involving children and youth

Around 150 people, public authorities, professionals, and care providers from all over Europe signed up for our event in Hamburg in the begi [...]

Welfare policy

16 Jun 2022

Young people prepare decision-makers to involve them in crises  

During the covid-19 pandemic, Nordic authorities focused on establishing effective ways to stop the spread of the infection. Consequently, s [...]

Disability issues

8 Jun 2022

“We need to listen to indigenous disabled persons”

Persons with disabilities within indigenous communities are especially vulnerable in cases of crisis or climate change. "We need to listen [...]

Welfare policy

7 Jun 2022

Flera sätt att höra och involvera unga i Finland

I Finland arbetar myndigheter och organisationer på flera sätt för att höra och involvera unga i beslut. Det fick expertgruppen i proje [...]

Disability issues

25 May 2022

Nordiska tolkregler utgör gränshinder för teckenspråkiga

Niels Kristensen är dansk i själ och hjärta och bär stolt sitt danska pass. Men eftersom han bor i Norge nekas han teckentolk när han s [...]

Disability issues

16 May 2022

New network to share experiences on disability and welfare services

Support systems for persons with disabilities can be organised in many ways and the responsibilities may rest on different levels of governm [...]

Public health

9 May 2022

NADRA 2022: Q&A with keynote speaker Riikka Perälä

Riikka Perälä, Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Y-Foundation, is one of the keynote speakers at the Nordic Alcohol and Drug Researchers’ [...]

Public health

2 May 2022

NADRA 2022: Q&A with keynote speaker Bagga Bjerge

Bagga Bjerge, associate professor at Aarhus University BSS, Centre for Alcohol and Drug Research at the Department of Psychology and Behavio [...]

26 Apr 2022

Nordic Day 2022: Children and youth in the shadow of the pandemic

The Nordic countries have strong traditions of promoting the well-being of children by emphasizing the right to inclusion and participation [...]

Public health

25 Apr 2022

NADRA 2022: Q&A with keynote speaker Jenny Cisneros Örnberg

Jenny Cisneros Örnberg, associate Professor and Deputy Head of the Department of Public Health Sciences at Stockholm University, is one of [...]

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