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Latest news

Disability issues

18 Jun 2020

Teknik och digitalisering ger nya jobbmöjligheter för personer med funktionsnedsättning

Personer med funktionsnedsättning har svårare att få arbete än andra. Men det skulle inte behöva vara så. Med ny teknik och smarta dig [...]

Public health

4 Jun 2020

”Rökare drabbas med större sannolikhet av allvarliga komplikationer vid en covid-19-infektion”

På Nordens välfärdscenters webbinarium om effekter av coronapandemin stod det klart att det i många frågor är för tidigt att dra någ [...]

Public health

7 May 2020

Debatt: Livslånga konsekvenser för barn som utsätts för alkohol i fosterstadiet

Det här är en debattartikel som publicerades i Dagens Medicin 7 maj 2020. [...]


6 Aug 2020

Revealing hidden potentials – Assessing cognition in individuals with congenital deafblindness

This book presents varying assessment purposes, procedures and analytic approaches for professionals who are involved in making ex [...]

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Disability issues

1 Jul 2020

From policy to labour inclusion in practice

In December 2018, a unique seminar was held in Uppsala. For the first time, the Nordic Welfare Centre gathered major corporations [...]

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Disability issues

26 Jun 2020

No child or young person should be left behind

The vision of Nordic co-operation is to achieve the world’s most integrated and sustainable region by 2030. To succeed, it is vi [...]


Disability issues

Universal design, participation and democracy

Universal design means that society, goods and services are designed and functio [...]

Welfare policy

Subnetworks within the field of dementia

There are a number of small, separate groups within the Nordic region. The Nordi [...]

Welfare policy

Active and healthy ageing in the Nordic region

We are living longer and longer, and the proportion of elderly people in the Nor [...]

Disability issues

Children, young people and participation

Disabled children and young people have the right to participate in society on e [...]

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