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Latest news

Welfare policy

20 Jun 2019

Kolla in senaste utställningen med hjälp av äldreomsorg på distans

Liz Karlsson börjar gympa framför skärmen i en studio i åländska Mariehamn. Samtidigt följer ett gäng äldre personer med i gympapass [...]

Public health

14 Jun 2019

Health inequalities increase in the Nordic countries despite well-functioning cooperation between ministries

Differences in health between social groups have increased in the Nordic countries during the last decades. Therefore, the governments have [...]

Disability issues

11 Jun 2019

Ingen ska lämnas efter – temat för nordiska FN-möten

I veckan pågår ett antal viktiga möten i FN:s högkvarter i New York. Syftet är att främja rättigheter för personer med funktionsneds [...]


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20 Jun 2019

If you can see it, you can support it – A book on tactile language

When we add a linguistic value to bodily tactile expressions and recognise tactile languages as natural languages, we are able to [...]

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Public health

14 Jun 2019

Cross-sectoral cooperation at the ministerial level – with a focus on health inequalities

Differences in health between social groups have increased in the Nordic countries during the last decades. Therefore, the governm [...]

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Public health

10 May 2019

Indicators for health inequality in the Nordic countries

Social inequalities in health in the Nordic countries persist and may even be growing. Our new report identifies a list of indicat [...]


Disability issues

The labour market and disability

High employment is a cornerstone of the Nordic welfare model. Everyone should ha [...]

Disability issues

A Nordic region for all

The Nordic countries and Faroe islands, Greenland and Åland islands, work toget [...]

Welfare policy

Subnetworks within the field of dementia

There are a number of small, separate groups within the Nordic region. The Nordi [...]

Welfare policy

Combat loneliness – create encounters

Involuntary loneliness can affect all groups, including the young and the elderl [...]

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