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Current knowledge about welfare issues in the Nordic region

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Disability issues

3 Dec 2021

Personlig budget förutsätter att behov av stöd beaktas individuellt

En kartläggning som Nordens välfärdscenter gjort tillsammans med Institutet för hälsa och välfärd (THL) i Finland visar att tillämpn [...]

Disability issues

15 Nov 2021

Rundtur på världens mest tillgängliga kontor

Fotpedal i hissarna, sju olika sorters toaletter och små knoppar på ledstången. Det är några av detaljerna som gör Handicaporganisatio [...]

Welfare policy

15 Oct 2021

Ungdomar från Norden i expertgrupp om coronakrisens konsekvenser

Under covid-19-pandemin drabbades barn och unga i Norden av restriktioner som infördes och som påverkade både deras skolgång, fritid, so [...]


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10 Nov 2021

Integrating immigrants into the Nordic labour markets – The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has made social and economic inequalities even more pronounced in the Nordic countries. In all countries, fo [...]

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Disability issues

8 Nov 2021

Personalised Support and Services for Persons with Disabilities – mapping of Nordic models

In what way and how can models for personalised support such as personal budgeting strengthen the implementation of the UN Convent [...]

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Public health

27 Oct 2021

NAD – Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs

Read the latest issue of our research journal NAD - Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs. [...]


Disability issues

Universal design, participation and democracy

Universal design means that society, goods and services are designed and functio [...]

Welfare policy

Subnetworks within the field of dementia

There are a number of small, separate groups within the Nordic region. The Nordi [...]

Disability issues

Surveying solutions for independent living

Support and services are an important prerequisite for many people with a disabi [...]

Welfare policy

Quantitative follow-up of welfare technology implementation rate by Nordic municipalities

More and more people in the Nordic countries are being afforded opportunities to [...]

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