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10 Jun 2024

How persons with deafblindness experience art and music through touch – new honorary doctor

How do you experience art and music when one or two senses are lost? For individuals with deafblindness, their experience relies on the rema [...]


4 Jun 2024

Holistic video analysis gives deeper insights into the communication of persons with deafblindness

New holistic approach helps create better understanding of communicative abilities and potentials in persons with deafblindness. “Everyon [...]

Disability issues

27 May 2024

Accessible crisis preparedness will be highlighted at the UN COSP17

Accessible crisis preparedness and crisis communication are important factors when we build and strengthen society’s ability to prevent an [...]


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Disability issues

24 Apr 2024

Nordisk samarbeid om funksjonshinderspørsmål – Årsrapport 2023

Det nordiske funksjonshindersamarbeidet involverer sivilsamfunnet, politikkområder og akademia. Denne rapporten beskriver et robu [...]

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10 Apr 2024

Re-CHARGE – Voices about living with CHARGE syndrome

Given the right support, persons with CHARGE syndrome can overcome not only medical challenges but also various other obstacles, a [...]

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Welfare policy

18 Mar 2024

Tidskriften Nordisk välfärdsforskning | Nordic Welfare Research

Tidskriften Nordisk välfärdsforskning | Nordic Welfare Research publicerar artiklar om olika välfärdspolitiska teman, exempelv [...]


Welfare policy

Nordic co-operation on children growing up in families with persistently low income

Most children in the Nordic region grow up in families with a stable economy and [...]

Welfare policy

Nordic cooperation on a safer digital democracy for children and youth

Children and young people spend a major part of their time online, and the inter [...]

Welfare Technology

Quantitative follow-up of welfare technology implementation rate by Nordic municipalities

More and more people in the Nordic countries are being afforded opportunities to [...]

Welfare policy

Subnetworks within the field of dementia

Within the Nordic Dementia Network, there are knowledge-building subnetworks tha [...]

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