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Nordic co-operation
in the welfare sector

An institution under the Nordic Council of Ministers


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Welfare policy

25 Sep 2023

 “The voice of youth can make a change”

In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic and the current war in Ukraine, it's clear that decisions impacting children and youth were made w [...]

Disability issues

19 Sep 2023

Accessibility, housing and jobs are common challenges for youth with disabilities in the Nordic region

The first Nordic Youth Disability Summit will be arranged this autumn. The summit gives youth disability organisations from the Nordic count [...]

Welfare policy

7 Sep 2023

The Nordic welfare model: Strong public foundations for a productive private sector

The Nordic welfare state is an economic asset, not a liability, contrary to common misconceptions. Professor Anton Hemerijck emphasises its [...]


Report -

Welfare policy

15 Sep 2023

Children and Young People’s Participation During the Corona Pandemic – Nordic Initiatives

What measures and strategies for ensuring the participation and influence of children and young people were used in the Nordic cou [...]

Report -

Welfare policy

15 Sep 2023

Restricted Childhood, Interrupted Youth

How did the Covid-19 pandemic impact the lives of youth in the Nordic region? In this in-depth report, we dive into the pandemic's [...]

Report -

Welfare policy

23 Aug 2023

Välfärdsteknologi i de nordiska länderna – en kartläggning av statliga satsningar

Verksamhetsutveckling med digitala stöd fyller en viktig funktion för att samhället ska kunna fortsätta att erbjuda välfärd [...]


Public health

Health literacy – a tool for health promotion

If we are to improve and maintain good health and quality of life throughout lif [...]

Welfare policy

Age-friendly and sustainable societies in the Nordic region

Sustainable social development should take into account the needs of older adult [...]

Disability issues

Universal design, participation and democracy

Universal design means that society, goods and services are designed and functio [...]

Welfare policy

Nordic research network with a user perspective

Health and welfare technology from a user perspective is a relatively new area o [...]

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