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Young refugees in Nordic countries – health, education and employment in an equity perspective

The conference is based on the NordForsk financed project CAGE (Coming of Age in Exile). You will learn about the newest evidence on refugee integration and bring back inspiration for improvement of national, regional, and local initiatives on health, education and labour market that may give young refugees better life chances in exile.

Watch live on 3 December at 13.00 – 16.00 (CET).

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Interactive Breakout rooms

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Education: Andrea Dunlavy, Lutine Pastoor and Lucie Cerna

This workshop will use findings from the CAGE education studies as a framework for a joint discussion of what may be the key factors (challenges, hindrances as well as resources) influencing young refugees’ educational pathways and what can be done to improve educational outcomes among young refugees in the Nordic region. All participants of the workshop are invited to contribute to the discussion by means of reflections, opinions, comments, and questions.

Labour Market: Elli Heikkilä and Karl Gauffin

The workshop will discuss key questions based on the CAGE results: in what ways is integration of young refugees related to labour market participation, and how has this changed in the past 30 years? How can we understand labour market participation of young refugees in the Nordic countries as a result of interacting pre- and post-migration factors? What are the barriers and key factors determining the recruitment of refugees? How could we promote recruitment of refugees to the labour markets now and in the future in the Nordic countries?

Unaccompanied Refugee Minors: Ketil Eide, Henry Ascher and Ravi Kohli

The workshop highlights findings from the CAGE-project related to health and wellbeing of unaccompanied refugee minors in Sweden and Norway. We invite all participants to discuss and reflect on how to understand these young refugees’ vulnerability and social inequality, and how to improve their educational achievement, labor market participation and mental health.

Health: Anders Hjern and Allan Krasnik

The workshop will focus on the health reception of refugees, and the barriers for accessing psychiatric care for young refugees – what actions are needed? We shall also discuss the importance of gender for health in young refugees and the possible learnings from the Nordic cross-country differences in refugee health.

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