Nordic co-operation on integration and inclusion


Gathered facts in thematic areas

Social work

23 Jan 2020

The role of civil society in integrating newly arrived migrants

For many decades, during several waves of migration, civil society has played a crucial role in the reception of refugees and asylum seekers [...]


20 Jun 2018

Labour Market Integration of Female Refugees

The number of people in work in the Nordic countries is high compared to other nations, particularly the number of women. Indeed, a high rat [...]

Social work

24 May 2018

Integration of newly arrived children and families

Around 200,000 child and adolescent new arrivals or unaccompanied refugee minors came to the Nordic region during the period 2011–2016. T [...]


15 May 2018

Labour Market Integration of Refugees

It takes on average five to ten years for a refugee to find work in the Nordic countries. As social inclusion is closely linked to success [...]

Immigration & development

21 Apr 2018

New arrivals as a resource for the rural area

Since 1990, the Nordic population has grown by 15 percent to about 26.5 million. Net immigration accounts for two thirds of population growt [...]

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