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Keyword: Health equity

Welfare policy

3 Apr 2023

Join the discussion about the Nordic welfare model and its challenges

The Nordic Welfare Forum 2023 takes place on 2 June in Reykjavik, Iceland and via live stream. The aim is to evaluate and discuss the Nordic [...]

Public health

20 Dec 2019

Nordens välfärdscenter firar 10 år i välfärdens tjänst

I år fyller Nordens välfärdscenter, Nordiska ministerrådets institution inom social- och hälsosektorn, 10 år. - Vårt arbete går ut p [...]

Public health

25 Nov 2019

Policy briefs to increase equal health in the Nordic countries

Our new report contains three policy briefs on interventions that aim to increase equality in health. The policy briefs highlights supportin [...]

Public health

28 Oct 2019

“An overall inter-sectorial aim to reduce social inequalities in health is needed”

How do the Nordic countries apply a comprehensive approach to address social inequalities? In our new study we focus on the explicit policie [...]

Public health

14 Jun 2019

Health inequalities increase in the Nordic countries despite well-functioning cooperation between ministries

Differences in health between social groups have increased in the Nordic countries during the last decades. Therefore, the governments have [...]

Public health

10 May 2019

Indicators for health inequality in the Nordic countries

Social inequalities in health in the Nordic countries persist and may even be growing. Our new report identifies a list of indicators that c [...]

Public health

7 May 2019

“Traditional education promotes equality”

In the Nordic countries, health is linked to educational attainment to a higher extent than to income. Studies have now shown that the progr [...]

Public health

4 Apr 2019

Increasing Ill Health Among Young Men

Social health inequity has increased over recent decades. This development has particularly affected young men in the form of increased leve [...]

Public health

21 Mar 2019

How Equal is the Nordic Happiness?

People in the Nordics generally live a good life. Despite this, many experience loneliness, stress, depression and a sense of futility. Mich [...]

Public health

5 Dec 2018

Videos from the conference Health Equity in the Nordic Region

The socio-economic differences in health have increased more in the Nordic countries than in other parts of Western and Southern Europe. How [...]

Public health

8 Feb 2018

Nordborna lever allt längre men ojämlikheten i hälsa ökar

Livslängden bland nordborna fortsätter att öka men det gör också ojämlikheterna i hälsa och välfärd. Det visar årets upplaga av pu [...]

Public health

30 Nov 2017

New light on the Nordic paradox

The Nordic welfare model is strongly connected to the concept of equality. The fact that inequalities in health are larger in the Nordic cou [...]

Public health

2 Oct 2017

Hur motarbeta de växande hälsoklyftorna i Norden?

Trots en aktiv välfärdspolitik växer ojämlikheten i hälsa i de nordiska länderna, mer än i till exempel Spanien och Italien. Exakt vi [...]

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