Videos from the conference Health Equity in the Nordic Region

Public health

5 Dec 2018

The socio-economic differences in health have increased more in the Nordic countries than in other parts of Western and Southern Europe. How can these health disparities be explained? How do the social gaps affect health and well-being? Are the growing gaps a threat to the Nordic welfare model? These were some of the topics at our conference Health Equity in the Nordic Region in Stockholm 22-23 November 2018.

Videos from the conference:

Why social inequalities in health are unacceptable and what we can do to reduce them
Terje Andreas Eikemo, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Increasing income inequality in the Nordics
Jesper Roine, Stockholm School of Economics/ Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics (SITE)

Sick of inequality?
Therese Nilsson, Lund University/ Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN)

Equality and social cohesion: the social contract in a comparative and historical context
Lars Trägårdh, Ersta Sköndal Bräcke University College

Health behaviour in school-aged children – what does the HBSC-study tell us about young people in the Nordics?
Pernille Due, Dr.Med.Sci, University of Southern Denmark/ National Institute of Public Health

Inequality and interventions – how can inequality be reduced?
Per-Olof Östergren, Lund University

The shadow of happiness – how equal is the Nordic happiness?
Michael Birkjær, Happiness Research Institute

Young men’s health in the Nordic countries
Sven Bremberg, Public Health Agency of Sweden/ Karolinska Institute

How does education policy affect health inequality?
Gabriel Heller Sahlgren, Centre for Education Economics/ London School of Economics/ Research Institute of Industrial Economic

The conference Health Equity in the Nordic Region was organised by the Nordic Welfare Centre and The Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, under the auspices of the Swedish chairmanship of the Nordic Council of Ministers.


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