Portrait of Thomas Blomqvist

Thomas Blomqvist

Finnish Minister for Nordic Cooperation and Equality

Portrait of Kirsten Sandberg

Kirsten Sandberg

Professor of Law, University of Oslo

Porträtt av Merethe Løberg

Merethe Løberg

Senior Adviser, Children and youth, Nordic Welfare Centre

Portrait of Cecilia Ekstrand

Cecilia Ekstrand

Advocacy Officer, Swedish Association of the Visually Impaired

Portrait of Ane Heiberg Simonsen

Ane Heiberg Simonsen

Specialist Advisor, Regional center on violence, traumatic stress and suicide prevention, Norway

Portrait of Siri Morawski

Siri Morawski

Desk Officer, Swedish Agency for Participation

Portrait of Maria Creutz

Maria Creutz

Senior Adviser, Deafblind field, Nordic Welfare Centre

Portrait of Eivind Digranes

Eivind Digranes

Advisor, Norwegian Association of Youth with Disabilities

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