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The Government of the Faroe Islands
Last election was on the 1th of September 2015. On the 15th of September the Social Democratic Party (Javnaðarflokkurin), the Republican Party (Tjóðveldi) and the Progressiv Party (Framsókn) formed coalition and government.

Ministry of Education, Research and Culture
Ministry of Education, Research and Culture is responsible for education, research and culture in the Faroes. The Ministry is also responsible for the pedagogical part of the day care, the ecclesiastical affairs and other, the Radio and TV broadcasting, sports and other recreational activities.

Ministry of Social Affairs
The Ministry of Social Affairs is responsible for social policy, gender equality and housing policy. The Ministry prepares legislation concerning the state pension and a range of disability and ill health benefits. The Ministry makes policies encouraging disabled people and those with ill health to work and be independent, as well as understanding and dealing with the causes of poverty.

Ministry of Health and The Interior
The Ministry of Health and The Interior is in charge of the administrative functions in relation to the organisation and financing of the Health care System, psychiatry and Health Insurance, the Pharmacy sector, Environment Protection, Land (Faroese Cadastre), and a number of tasks in the international sphere which are linked to participation in the work of the international organisations, primarily in the Nordic region.


Social Insurance Agency/Almannaverkið

National Institute of Environmental Health/Arbeiðs- og Almannaheilsu


Faroe Island Red Cross/Reyði Krossur Føroya


University of the Faroe Islands
The third pillar of the University of the Faroe Islands’ work is to disseminate information about its activities and the results of its other two pillars, namely higher education and research. This information is often aimed at specific target groups, such as future, current or former students, external researchers and other partners.

Statistics Faroe Islands
Statistics Faroe Islands is the national statistical authority of the Faroe Islands and as such publishes official national statistical data in so far as data is available. Other national authorities compiling statistics are required to coordinate such activities with Statistics Faroe Islands. Statistics Faroe Islands is an independent institute under the Ministry of Finance, which within the budget limits organizes its own activities.

Kommuner och regioner

Local Goverment of Faroe Islands/Kommunufelagið

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