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14 maj 2024

New report will analyse Nordic pupils’ councils during the pandemic

What can we learn from pupil’s councils and youth participation during the pandemic? Researchers from the University of Iceland have start [...]

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3 maj 2024

Nordic youth organisations invited to raise their voice on mental wellbeing  

What does youth need to increase mental wellbeing? That is one of the main questions that will be discussed when youth organisations meet fo [...]

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26 apr 2024

Spotlight on digital media and children’s and young people’s wellbeing

Children and young people spend a major part of their time online, and social media platforms are important parts of their social lives. The [...]

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28 mar 2024

The Nordic Youth Summit is expanding to the Baltics

Lithuania will be hosting the first Nordic-Baltic Youth Summit. After two successful Nordic Youth Summits, the arena is expanding to encompa [...]

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1 feb 2024

“Leaders rarely talked to children”

“Decision-makers were poorly prepared to hear and involve youth during the pandemic.” That is what the majority of the 120 youth partic [...]

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29 jan 2024

Don’t cherry-pick a youth “alibi”!

Don’t just use youth to put a stamp of approval on decisions they weren’t part of! That is one of the five principles that The Norwegian [...]

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6 dec 2023

120 youth signed action plan for the future at summit in Iceland

Environment, education, and youth participation. Those were some of the most intensely debated topics when 120 young persons from the Nordic [...]

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26 okt 2023

Listen to Nordic youth, talk about their right to be heard in crises

Listen to Ester, Majli, Nameh, Olle and eleven more youth from the Nordics. In our new publication they talk about their experiences during [...]

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23 okt 2023

Creating inclusive student councils with power – learning from the pandemic

How can student councils be more influential during crises? And how can we make sure that they will be inclusive? Those were questions discu [...]

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25 sep 2023

 “The voice of youth can make a change”

In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic and the current war in Ukraine, it's clear that decisions impacting children and youth were made w [...]

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17 aug 2023

Nytt nätverk om betydelsen av barnets första 1000 dagar i livet

De första åren av ett barns liv är avgörande för att lägga en god grund för mental och fysisk hälsa senare i livet. Ett nytt nordisk [...]

Børn & unge

8 jun 2023

Young people were deprived of essential parts of their youth  

“Young people have missed many important transition rites such as graduations, dances, or other celebrations such as festivals and concert [...]

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