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Language is a key factor in the employment of Ukrainians in Finland

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1 Nov 2023

A survey of Ukrainians granted temporary protection shows that lack of language skills is the main obstacle to employment.

Limited language skills, insufficient education, and mismatched qualifications are viewed as the most significant challenges for Ukrainian nationals with temporary protection status in Finland to gain employment.

This is the result of a survey commissioned by the Finnish Immigrant Integration Competence Centre of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and carried out by Owal Group Oy.

A total of 1643 people responded to the survey, which was conducted among Ukrainians with temporary protection, employers, employment services and organisations.

According to the study, the most important factors favouring employment were the willingness to do any kind of work. The Ukrainians surveyed said they are interested in working in the future, especially in industry (32%), trade (26%) or catering (25%).

You can find the survey here

65 % will stay in Finland

Of the Ukrainians under temporary protection who responded to the survey, 40% said they had registered with the Public Employment Service as unemployed jobseekers. According to, slightly over half of the respondents were content with the public employment service.

The respondents were also asked to assess their future plans, including staying in Finland or relocating. Regarding living in Finland, most people (65%) said that they plan to reside there permanently, and about a third of respondents were unsure. Approximately 22% of respondents planned to move elsewhere within Finland, and 7% intended to return to Ukraine or relocate to a different nation.

Those who came under temporary protection said that they have received a warm welcome in Finland. Most participants did not face any discrimination while living in Finland.


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