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Porträtt av Daphne Ahrendt

Daphne Ahrendt

Senior research manager in the Social Policies unit at Eurofound. Her latest report investigates policy developments in Member States supporting the inclusion of people with disabilities in the open labour market.

Porträtt av Irene Kitsara

Irene Kitsara

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). She is responsible for patent analytics activities and is the product lead of the WIPO flagship publication Technology Trends. In March, WIPO published Technology Trends 2021: Assistive Technology, the first large-scale landscaping and analysis of patenting and technology trends in assistive technology.

Porträtt av Ingrid Ihme

Ingrid Ihme

She is the director of the Telenor Open Mind, a program focused on including people with disabilities and immigrants with higher education and get them into the job market. Telenor has been working on spreading the model/program to other countries in Europe and Asia, where Telenor is operating.

Hector Minto

Senior Technology Evangelist at Microsoft. Hector Minto has worked in the field of Assistive Technology (AT) for 25 years, focusing on emerging technology.

Porträtt av Eivind Digranes

Eivind Digranes

Advisor at the Norwegian Association of Youth with Disabilities, where he works with political advocacy. He has a masters degree in international human rights.

Porträtt av John Paulin Hansen

John Paulin Hansen

Bevica Professor at the Technical University of Denmark. Much of his research and development work has focused on the use of eye-tracking technology for people with disabilities.

Porträtt av Marie Louise Pollmann-Larsen

Marie Louise Pollmann-Larsen

Project Manager at DTU Skylab – hub for technology-based innovation and entrepreneurship in Denmark.

Porträtt av Sverker Brundin

Sverker Brundin

Head of the innovation competition within digital participation, the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS).

Porträtt av Johan Hammarström

Johan Hammarström

CEO of Transistor - a Swedish hearing tech company. Johan has a hearing loss since birth and is dedicated to the area of more ways to hear where new technology and methods are also used to reach further.

Porträtt av Hanna Gerdes

Hanna Gerdes

The moderator of the webinar, a Swedish human rights lawyer and the founder of Hanna and Goliath Law & Education.

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