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17 Aug 2021

Majority of Icelanders In Favor of Bars Closing Earlier

The majority of Icelanders are in favor of bars and nightclubs closing earlier—even after COVID restrictions are lifted, Vísir reports. A recent survey conducted by Maskína showed that 63% of respondents were “very in favor” or “moderately in favor” of significantly reduced hours, while only 18% reported being “very opposed” or “moderately opposed” to tighter restrictions.


16 Aug 2021

If you’re drinking or betting more in lockdown, you’re not alone. But watch for these signs of addiction

For the millions of Australians currently living under lockdowns — many without clarity on when things might return to “normal” — there’s no doubt the restrictions on our day-to-day lives present a variety of challenges and hardships. But for people who have addictions, or who are at risk of developing an addiction, lockdowns can pose a unique set of difficulties.


21 Jun 2021

Cancer a compelling reason to cut alcohol, and drink counting helps

A new study comparing different ways of encouraging people to reduce their alcohol intake has found telling people alcohol causes cancer makes them want to drink less, and encouraging them to count their drinks helps them do it.


4 Jun 2021

Sexual assault in social settings can take many different forms

Researchers from the research institute NOVA at OsloMet and the Norwegian Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies have examined the extent of these kinds of assaults at parties among young people and how they happen.

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