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20 May 2019

Britain’s cocaine crisis: Use doubles in last seven years

The use of cocaine in Britain has doubled in seven years, as one in 50 Londoners currently snorts the drug daily. An analysis of Britain’s waste water, carried out by forensic scientists at King’s College London, has also proved that the purity of the class A drug has gone up, hitting a record high. Tests of the drug in sewage show Londoners are taking almost 200,000 doses of cocaine every day, which amounts to about £700,000.


24 Apr 2019

‘You can’t arrest your way out of record drug-related deaths,’ say police

Police forces across the UK are offering drug users pre-arrest education and treatment instead of a caution or charge.


25 Mar 2019

UK: Should alcohol be banned on flights?

The government is reviewing airport licensing laws. But after another drunken brawl on a plane, should passengers be breathalysed before boarding – or even forbidden from boozing?


20 Mar 2019

Wales: Aberdare mum’s drug testing call for clubs after son’s death

A mother who lost her son to drugs is calling for testing facilities to be introduced in clubs and festivals in Wales, so that people are more informed about what they are taking. Nadia Rees’ 23-year-old son Ben died of an overdose in Berlin in 2015 after taking what he thought was ecstasy. But it turned out to contain the cheaper, slower acting drug, PMA.

Research blog

Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs

Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs (NAD) is a peer-reviewed journal for social science research into alcohol and drugs as well as other substances and behaviours, such as gambling, gaming, eating, and smoking. Here you will find short summaries of the articles published in the jounal.

NAD 1/2018 (February)

This issue of NAD deals with microdosing, alcohol-related maltreatment, gender differences among adolescents with substance abuse problems, [...]

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