Ms. Anne Hansus, Pensjonistforbundet, Norway
Mr. Kenny Jansson, Uppsala municipality, Sweden
Mr. Thomas Niedomysl, Uppsala municipality, Sweden
Ms. Wenche Lerme, Gothenburg municipality, Sweden
Guiding questions for Nordic stakeholders working with active and healthy ageing
  1. What is the active and healthy ageing strategy in the municipality? What is the focus of current initiatives? What have been the most successful areas/initiatives? 
  2. Do all senior citizen groups have the same possibility and ability to participate and affect the decision making in municipalities? And how do the different groups of older adults participate in these initiatives? 
  3. How do the conditions for active and healthy ageing and societal participation differ for senior citizen sub-groups in your municipality/work? 
  4. How has the response from the groups of older adults (among those who do participate) been over time? Which groups are over and/or underrepresented?  What have been the consequences of this? 
  5. What has been the most challenging in implementing the initiatives? Why is this the case?
  6. What are the main barriers for active and healthy ageing in your municipality/work today?                                                                                                                      
  7. Are there any measuring mechanisms specific to your work in general or for each initiative? If so, how frequently are they monitored and who is responsible for gathering and disseminating the data?
  8. Have indicators been developed? If so, how? Are these in line with local/regional/national baselines? 
  9. What are some of your challenges and opportunities in following up the work? 
  10. Has there been any national or regional level support and/or coordination in this work? If so, how? What have you learned from each other as Nordic cities? 
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