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  • Hvordan kan vi sammen skape en aldersvennlig by?


    Vi blir stadig flere eldre i Norden og det stiller krav til fremtidens byer. De må bli tillgjengelige og inkluderende sånn at vi har mulighet til å leve aktivt langt opp i årene.

    • Välfärdspolitik
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  • What’s the Nordic way concerning cannabis?


    Use of cannabis in the Nordic countries is either stable or increasing with some regional variation between the countries. Meanwhile, there are some significant changes in the international cannabis policies. What effect does the cannabis legalisation debate have in th [...]

    • Folkhälsa
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  • Meaningful activities for people with congenital deafblindness


    This course will explore meaningful activities for people who are congenitally deafblind. It will look at what activities are possible, how to do them and discuss the reasons why. There will be a focus on using the activities in communication development and the health [...]

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  • Nordic day 2018: Early intervention contributes to successful integration


    Around 200 000 child and adolescent asylum seekers came to the Nordic region between 2011 and 2016. Although most came with their families, a large number came unaccompanied. The Nordics as a region is well equipped for receiving new arrivals, and have a good capacity [...]

    • Integration
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  • Nordic Alcohol and Drug Researchers’ Assembly (NADRA) 2018


    We warmly welcome Nordic researchers and others working with social and health approaches to alcohol and drug issues to the Nordic Alcohol and Drug Researchers’ Assembly (NADRA) in Voksenåsen, Oslo, Norway 29-31 August 2018.

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