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Gender-based violence against people with disabilities

Persons with functional impairments are victims of violence to a greater extent than other people, but this has long been an invisible social problem. These persons are rarely seen, in research as well as in public debate. The violence looks different from violence against other persons and often relates to the persons' disability. The situation of persons with disabilities who are victims of violence is marked by dependence on the outside world and in many cases also on the perpetrator.

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In recent years, alarming reports have been published. Reports of hidden cases of abused persons with disabilities and also the existing system's difficulties in meeting the target groups' needs and rights. Internationally, the theme of violence against especially women with disabilities has been recognized explicitly in several contexts including the UN, EU and Council of Europe.

Nordic Centre for Welfare and Social Issues will continue working with the theme Gender-based violence against people with disabilities.

Participants on Nordic Day 2014

Nordic Day 2014

The seminar Nordic Day 2014 which took place on July 6 in Rome, is the first activity under the theme. Nordic Day is traditionally arranged by Nordic Centre for Welfare and Social Issues in connection with each year's ESN conference for social managers and other key employees within the European countries' social sectors.

You can find links to material from the Nordic Day 2014 to the right, including an interview with Dr. Theresia Degener, who is a member of the UN monitoring committee for the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

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