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Nordic cooperation on higher education and research on disabilities and human rights

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All the Nordic countries and autonomous areas have ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The Convention is implemented through national legislation and other measures that aim for equality regardless of a person’s functional abilities.

Still, there is need for major change in the Nordics as a region if it is to function well for everyone, and in accordance with the vision of every person’s right of self-realisation and the protection of every person’s right to be self-sufficient.

The Nordic Council of Ministers Committee of Senior Officials for Education and Research (ÄK-U) decided in spring 2016 to fund a development forum on higher education, human rights and disability.

The forum was held in close collaboration with the Nordic Network for Disability Research (NNDR) in June 2016 in Mariehamn. The meeting was attended by thirty experts and other key persons from education, organisations for the disabled, ministries, government agencies and Nordic collaborative bodies.

The meeting was opened by the Åland minister of Nordic cooperation and was part of the Finnish Presidency Programme for the Nordic Council of Ministers. The aim was to draw up a proposal on how cooperation surrounding this topic can be developed and implemented moving forward.


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Report cover. Nordic cooperation on higher education and research on disabilities and human rights

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